Doctor is a noble profession. The person who walks around with a stethoscope around the neck is looked upon and public trust their lives in their hands.  Be honest and realistic to yourself when one’s ambition is to be a doctor. Public medical colleges demand excellent academic results where places are limited and due to high demand. Private medical colleges may be lenient but the costs also quite high.

Nothing should stop you if your passion is to be doctor. For a start why don’t we ignore about the cost and just find out the best medical colleges in Malaysia. Malaysia  currently offering world class degrees for a reasonable cost. We have quite a number of medical colleges in Malaysia. Let us just concentrate on top ten medical colleges in Malaysia. Below are the top ten medical colleges in Malaysia.


  1. International Medical University


  1. Penang Medical College


  1. Melaka Manipal Medical College


  1. Asian Institute of Medicine Science and Technology(AIMST)


  1. University College Sedaya International


  1. Allianze College of Medical Sciences(ACMS)


  1. Mahsa University College


  1. Lincoln University College


  1. University Tunku Abdul Rahman(UTAR)


10. Segi University College



International Medical University is the first medical college in Malaysia.

IMU stands at 5th rating in the Setara ratings of Malaysian Universities by MQA. IMU is one of the universities in Malaysia specialising only in medicine, health sciences and complementary medicine programmes. In IMU you have the opportunity to learn continuously in the field of healthcare. As one of the ten top medical colleges in Malaysia IMU offers industrial placements which allows you to appreciate the difference in healthcare practice fields.


Penang Medical College is one of the top ten medical universities in Malaysia.  PMC has partnership with RCSI and UCD and internationally recognised since 1996. The college has a six star rating for excellence in medical education by the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia. PMC has an added advantage; it is located in the heart of Georgetown and within five minute walk to Penang General Hospital.


Melaka Manipal Medical College proudly stands in Melaka by the instrumental effort of the late Datuk K Pathmanaban, the former Malaysia Deputy Minister of Health. MMMC was built to address the problem of shortage of doctors in the country. The only solution is to give opportunity to achieve their aspirations of becoming dentist and doctors. Melaka Medical Manipal College had signed an agreement in New Delhi in 1993 between  Manipal University, India.  MMMC was the first Indo Malaysian collaboration in education and was among the pioneers of private medical education in the country. The first batch of MBBS students in MMMC was 1997.Melaka Manipal Medical College is a renowned private medical institution. MMMC carried out medical and dental programmes in collaboration with the esteemed Manipal University, India when its professional colleges were granted university status.


AIMST is one of Malaysia education pride. The AIMST University is the first university to be established in Kedah Darulaman align with State’s 2010 Vision. The university is very prestigious and has strong links with overseas universities. AIMST University is Y.B Dato Seri Samy Vellu , former MIC president’s baby project. It is his aim to upgrade Indian community education system and offer a world class education programme at an affordable rate for the Indian community in Malaysia. In AIMST University all the degree programmes are conducted in English and also available to International students. It is AIMST pride to have a multinational population and a vibrant environment in AIMST campus.

Sedaya International College is one of the top ten medical colleges in Malaysia. The college has a strong link with overseas universities. Upon completion of medical degrees these students may transfer to an internationally recognised university for postgraduate studies. Sedaya is well known for its multinational students from China, Indonesia. Singapore, Taiwan etc. Sedaya stands high among the medical colleges in Malaysia for its facilities. The campus has e-Advantage, computer labs, applied science labs, well stocked library etc. The strategic location in Cheras enables students to have access to banks, financial institutions, eateries, transportation services, entertainment and accommodation.

Allianze University College is one of the top ten medical universities in Malaysia. It is committed to transforming their students into dedicated and passionate medical proffesionals. Allianze with its Professor Dato’ Dr Zainuddin MD Wazir and various professional doctors who are current practioners in the fields of medicine and science had given their support to the growth and expansion of the college. Allianze believes in building another chapter of history of medical ideas and conceptions.

The Mahsa University Medical Faculty is a subject based, system synchronized curriculum which is modern and practical approach. It is listed as one of the top ten medical colleges in Malaysia for its problem based learning, e learning, early clinical exposure and small group sessions. Their lecturers are handpicked from local and international pool of highly experienced that has done more than 30 years teaching. Their strength lies on its facilities, lecturers, teaching methods etc.

The college started as Lincoln College in 2002 and upgraded in 2011 to Lincoln University College. Nothing can match to the management staff and founders of Lincoln College University, who bring together about 50 years of higher education, post-secondary education and language teaching. The team are true academicians who are committed to the well-being of the students. Lincoln University College is solely focused in helping the students to excel in education, research and employment, preparing them for the new era. Lincoln University College is one of the premier private institutions of higher education approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA- National Accreditation Board). Lincoln University College has a vision to be an acclaimed and preferred ambassador of Malaysian higher learning institution in research, innovation, publication and teaching that is able to cater to the need of the global community with strong social contributions to global society. The college mission is to provide excellent Quality Higher educational opportunities for a diverse student population through teaching, research, advisory services to our customers with the view to produce productive and competitive human resources from offshore programs to the Malaysian student population, so as to contribute positively to Malaysia’s international image and the global market.

One of the top ten medical universities in Malaysia is UTAR. The faculty of Medicine and health Sciences was established in 2009. It does not only concentrate in giving medical education to its students but also develop values and attitudes of dedication, ethics and professionalism that will serve and improve the quality of life of the community. Known as TAR, it has six campuses in six states across Malaysia. The college operates with a 50% subsidy from the government for its recurrent and capital expenditure, the other 50% funding comes from the college trustees and income collected. TAR is well known in Malaysian community as it has produced national leaders, established businessman and other field professionals.

Top Ten  Medical Colleges in Malaysia also includes Segi University College. It also appointed as Project leader by the Malaysian Government for a new initiative to bring in foreign trainees and learners to Malaysia. For more than 35 years, SEGi University Group (SEGi) has equipped graduates from diverse backgrounds with exceptional foundations for career achievement and personal success. The college believes can make a difference to others lives through better health by being a safe, caring and exceptional doctor. The college practice student and patient centred promoting holistic care and ethical values.

Doctor is a noble profession. It is a challenging and rewarding career in medical line. It is focused in community service and deals with public welfare. It involves diagnosis, treatment and prevention of people health. Doctor is a very high committed work. It ensures bright future and good stable income. To become a doctor your journey must be passionate. You must get all the information concerning cost, programme structure, admission and among other things.